Chakra Exercises

Chakra Exercises

Get an idea of what goes on in one of Anodea’s workshops!

Watch as she takes you on a visually demonstrative Journey Through the Chakras. Move from the bottom up through each of the seven chakras, discovering useful exercises you can do anywhere to balance and tune into each one. Break through blocks, open and expand your body, charge and discharge energy, and discover wellness.

Chakra One Exercises:

Embodying the Core
Creating space inside your body.

Opening the Leg Channels
Open and energize your roots.

Chakra Two Exercises:

Pelvic Pulses
Loosen up the sacrum.

Supported Bridge & Butterfly
Push Charge (or energy) into your second chakra.

Chakra Three Exercises:

The Will Exercise: Activating & Energizing
Using resistance to push through blocks.

3rd Chakra Activation
Charge up the 3rd Chakra.

Discharge the 3rd Chakra.

Chakra Four Exercise:

Heart Energy
Pull energy into the heart and push out what you don’t need.

Chakra Five Exercises:

Jaw Tension
Learn to release jaw tension (a very common problem!).

Get Off My Back
Release tension or negativity from the back of the neck and shoulders.

Chakra Six Exercise:

Clearing the Chakras
You’ve released things and brought a lot to the surface with the previous chakra exercises. Now, let’s clear it out!

Chakra Seven Exercise

A beautiful guided meditation with Anodea Judith.

About Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking thinker, world-renowned spiritual teacher, and author of many books on the subject of human psychology, transformation, and social change.

Her works include, Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga, Creating on Purpose, The Global Heart Awakens, Eastern Body-Western Mind, Wheels of Life, The Sevenfold Journey, Contact: The Yoga of Relationships, Chakra Balancing and the award-winning video, The Illuminated Chakras.

Anodea spent 20 years as a psychologist in private practice applying these principles to personal development, but now travels the world presenting talks on our global challenges. She has been called “a prophet for our time.”