In this intensive 2-day training, Anodea Judith, drawing from her decades of experience as a bioenergetic therapist, yoga teacher and chakra specialist will guide us through bioenergetic exercises to awaken and move energy through each chakra. We will be led into the deepest part of ourselves, our inner core, to heal the wounds that reside there and awaken our life force.

Dynamic exercises on our own mat or with a partner will give us a felt sense of our own chakras and a personal experience of the power of the chakra system. We can use these techniques on our own or in our work with clients to open and balance each chakra, enabling us to ground and center ourselves, let our emotions and sexuality flow naturally, break through blockages and body armor, strengthen our will power, and open our hearts.

This work will enable us to understand, diagnose and treat imbalances in each chakra, allowing us to reclaim the full force of our life energy and reach higher states of consciousness.

Register early. Anodea teaches this all over the world and often waiting listed!

This class is the pre-requisite for Mind-Body Chakra Therapy which is held at our Annual Immersion.