This class opens the world of mind and soul as subtle energy structures. You will gain a comprehensive overview of subtle anatomy, including:
• The seven chakras of the body, and their internal anatomy
• Six off-the-body chakras, what they mean, and how they connect to the physical body
• The hidden chakras: Three major chakras that regulate body, mind, and soul
• How to distinguish the “aura” from the deep energy field
• The nine layers of the deep energy field
• The subtle anatomy of the greater mind
• The difference between your healing hands and your fingers of light

In addition to understanding subtle anatomy, you will be guided through exercises that help you to directly experience many of these structures. You will have an opportunity to:
• Deepen into a state of mind that opens the world of subtle energy structure
• Experience the thirteen chakras of the core and the three hidden chakras
• Navigate through the nine layers of the deep energy field
• Open the chakras in your hands
• Awaken your fingers of light

You will learn how to begin using your knowledge of anatomy for simple healing processes:
• How to connect deeply with another person in a healing way
• How to read the attention state of another person
• How to do simple chakra balancing in the aura
• How to use the fingers of light for chakra healing in the deep energy field

You will also be instructed in how to teach the basic Attention Dynamics embodiment exercise to others, enabling them to:
• Quiet the mind to create inner peace and stillness
• Create a clear, focused state of mind for concentrating on work or projects
• Manage their attention so they can stay in the present moment

During the workshop, you will participate in numerous group and partner exercises in the skills presented. Successful completion of the course will authorize you to use the Attention Dynamics name and teach the basic embodiment exercise.