The Global Heart Awakens

Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love


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Every once in a long while, a book comes along that activates a power that is far greater than words on a page. It gives voice to our moment in history and fuels a movement.

Like no other book this year, it speaks into the heart of our times: our history, our current crises and the incredible opportunity to ignite a shift to a new operating system based on love.

We have no time to waste in mobilizing ourselves to address our planetary problems and begin creating the world we all know is possible. None of us can do it alone.

Anodea Judith addresses the very issue that is now coming into focus as the key to a sustainable and humane future. All the strategies in existence cannot take us to the shores of a better world if they lack the element of informed love.


Our Thrilling Journey to Planetary Adulthood:

  • What will it take for us to mature as a species?
  • Will we ever learn to love one another and become stewards of the earth?
  • Why do our institutions engage in so much self-destructive behavior?




In 2006, bestselling author Anodea Judith posed profound questions like these in her acclaimed first edition of this book, a winner of the coveted Nautilus Gold Award. This new edition offers a thoroughly updated analysis of where we now stand, and points to the real solutions that have now emerged. We still face a perfect storm of crises that act as evolutionary drivers. But we’ve now entered an era increasingly dominated by compassion, abundance, and justice—we’re already on an unstoppable journey to planetary adulthood.




“Anodea Judith is one of the great sacred storytellers of this generation. She is engaged in the most urgent work of our time: to re-narrate the great story of our being and becoming in a way that allows us to see the patterns that connect and to chart a course for a better tomorrow. She is at once sage, shaman and seer. Read [The Global Heart Awakens] now.”

 – Dr. Marc Gafni, author, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment

Transcend Polarities through the Global Heart:



While many books discuss the complex issues we face, Global Heart Awakens provides a masterful prophetic vision—indeed, an overarching, new myth for our time. Digging deep into the shared pre-history of the human race, and ranging far ahead into our promising future, Anodea Judith tells us a new story of a species that’s successfully facing a global initiation. This collective rite of passage, Judith shows, is moving us from an organizing principle based on the love of power to a higher principle based on the power of love.

To help us understand what led us here, Judith takes us on a tour de force journey through human history, mapping each new phase onto the stages of developmental psychology and the levels of the chakra system—whose center is the heart—while paying close attention to the changing positions of masculine and feminine values at each step in humanity’s maturation process. The book concludes with a compelling vision of how the power of love can integrate divorced polarities of masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, mind and body, for an exciting new synthesis that is steering us toward harmony and wholeness.




“Few have articulated with such original insight the underlying themes behind our planetary crisis and how, if we all pull together with bright vision and profound love for our world, we can make it through the initiation to our planetary adulthood.”
—Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

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 “We are living at the most incredible time on the planet, on the verge of our planetary adulthood–a time that is asking all of us to sit up, wake up, and stand up to co-create a new reality. We can leap forward with an inspired vision of the future, rather than being held back by decaying patterns of the past!” ~Anodea Judith