What is Chakra Therapy?

Anodea Judith takes you on an introductory journey into the Architecture of the Human Soul & the Theory and Practice of Chakra Therapy

Get Ready to FEEL more Alive!

Everyone seems to know about chakras these days – at least as a concept – but do they really know the ins and outs of activating, balancing, and healing using the model of the Chakra System as the profound formula for wholeness that it is?

When a chakra is blocked, a person lives in the frustration and suffering of the block and cannot access their core. The internal gears that move and regulate energy up and down the core get sluggish. This creates further defenses, discomfort, and eventually illness, addiction, or dysfunctional behavior.

Chakra Therapy looks at the physical body, the human psyche, and the flow of the life force as a result of our past conditioning. As each of the chakras contains a vital key to unlocking the life force, Chakra Therapy uses tools from Yoga and Bioenergetics, (the healing of the human psyche through the energetic process of the body) as well as models of childhood development, to root out these unconscious programs, move the energy to new places in the body, and bring not only understanding and awareness, but greater aliveness and freedom.

We want you to feel more alive and you can’t do that if your chakras are blocked. Anodea will explain what might be causing you these blocks that are holding you back from living wholly.

Join Anodea as she leads you through an Introduction to Chakra Therapy.

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