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Who Do You Think You Are?

A Guide to Understanding Your Character Structure and Moving from Pattern to Presence.

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character_structure_graphic-231x300From astrology to the Enneagram, people have always looked for ways to understand who they are on a deeper level of meaning. But how many of these ways truly map onto your body structure and reveal your unconscious defense mechanisms? Most of them simply give you a label and a set of limitations and leave it at that, without telling you how to transcend those limitations, bust out of your patterns, and return to being present.

The study of Character Structures originated with Wilhelm Reich. As he looked at his client’s bodies and learned about their wounds, he found that certain ages of wounding produced characteristic patterns that could be seen in body, behavior, and beliefs. Understanding your own patterns will free you from the trap of thinking “That’s just how I am” and give you new strategies for surviving and thriving in the world. Understanding the patterns of your loved ones will help you act with skill and wisdom in your relationships.

My friend and colleague, Steven Kessler, has been working with character structure as a therapist for a decade. He has a unique perspective to share. Join us in this free interview and learn about your patterns and how to break through to presence.

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You’ll learn about

  • 5 different Character Structures and how to identify them
  • How and why they formed as survival patterns from childhood
  • How each structure produces a vastly different worldview and different behaviors, motivations, fears and desires
  • How these patterns hide who we really are
  • How they differ from authentic presence
  • How to use this identification to move from pattern to presence.