Gateway to the Core

01 Oct Gateway to the Core

Everything—both living and non-living—has a core. Every tree, every blade of grass, every animal, every rock, even the earth itself has a core.

Living things grow outward from the core, lengthening as they grow, and expanding from the inside out to reach into the world.

The core is what we all have in common, so you might say it is God or Goddess, or whatever term you favor for the Divine force behind everything we experience. The core is simultaneously the essence of our individuality and our universality.

I think of CORE as representing Consciousness Organized in Relation to Energy. Our consciousness organizes itself according to how we react to things around us, and what we do with all that is within us. We organize our core through the seven energy centers aligned along the midline of the body called the chakras.

Just as the spine is the central organizing element of the bones and muscles, the chakra system is the central organizing principle of the soul.

Arranged vertically along the core of the body, the chakras describe the sacred architecture of the soul—the yoke that joins together heaven and earth, mind and body, inner and outer. In this way, the chakra system is the means whereby your earthly being connects to its divine source.

To study the chakras is to enter an unfolding mystery that takes you closer and closer to your core, and ultimately to your Divine essence. The chakras are not a New Age phenomenon, but an ancient map for the evolutionary journey, so crucial at this time. They take us to higher consciousness on the current of liberation, and they help us bring Heaven down to Earth, on the current of manifestation. They are the portals through which we take energy into our core, and the gates through which we express energy into the world. And they are an organizing principle for humanity on its evolutionary journey as well. As a master map, they offer a profound formula for wholeness.

Come join us for this exciting upcoming seven-week exploration into the deep meaning, activation, and healing of your soul through the chakra system (see below for details on the free call introduction to this course!). As a systematic way to approach your personal development, you will gain tools you can use the rest of your life, while learning a marvelous map to guide you to your highest source.



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