Mini Courses

Anodea’s workshops are world renowned for dynamic, participatory experience. She also offers online audio and video courses that bring her teachings into the comfort of your home, saving you the cost of travel and lodging. This page lists her live online offerings and self-paced, pre-recorded courses.

Chakra Therapy

Telecall #1 of Anodea’s new 7 module Chakra Therapy course. Explore & integrate each chakra. Learn exercises & meditations for your own practice & gain understanding of your blockages, imbalances, & so much more!

Everything you wanted to know about the chakras

Opening meditation helps to align your core. Then Anodea answers questions about chakras as they play out in your life: spiritually, psychologically, & physically.

7 Keys to Transformation

Join Anodea Judith as she takes you on a journey over 8 incredibly transformational teleclasses where you will learn how to connect with your chakras energetically.


With the Seven Levels Of Intimacy process, you’ll gain lifelong tools for working with your relationships using through the lens of the chakra system and you will be able to release blocks and old patterns that may arise along the way. If you feel the inner call to design your relationship at the deepest level, then renowned spiritual teacher and chakra expert, Anodea Judith and master healer and coach, Ramone Yaciuk will show you how.

Sponsored Virtual Trainings

Doctoring your chakras

In this hour packed webinar, Dr. Jacqueline Chan delivers two practical health tips for each of the major 7 chakras, one based in the field of Holistic Medicine, the second based in the underpinnings of intuition medicine.

Breast Health: Principles Most Doctor’s Don’t know to tell you

Learn the true causes of breast cancer most doctors will never tell you and how to help prevent Breast Cancer.

Staying Healthy through the Holidays

This teleclass will give you great tips from your Grandmother’s Cupboard to keep you healthy! This is part of a larger Telecourse: Foundations of Energy Medicine which includes lots of bonus items.

The Diet Dilemma

Learn about the things lurking in your grocery store that you don’t want to bring home, how to leverage your nutrition with super foods, how to choose nutrient dense foods & eat your way to healing & optimal health, AND MORE!

Chakra Exercises

Watch as she takes you on a visually demonstrative Journey Through the Chakras. Move from the bottom up through each of the seven chakras, discovering useful exercises you can do anywhere to balance and tune into each one.