Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Great tips from your Grandmother’s Cupboard to keep you healthy

Over the holidays we enter into the quietest time of the year. The nights are longest and the days are shortest, we have entered into “yin” time of the year that time to go inward deeply and rest. Yet, our calendar is filled with holiday parties and loaded with sweets and baked goods! How do we honor our bodies and stay healthy while getting to indulge in some of the holiday festivities?

During this teleseminar you will learn how to stay healthy through the holidays and if you get sick when is it time to go to the doctor? How do you know if you have the common cold versus a flu or pneumonia? Learn about some great remedies you can find that can cure you of your flu in 24 hours! What natural foods and herbs can you take from the Health Food Store that can help you stay healthy into the New Year?

Regularly Only $25NOW $7 through the holidays! A lot cheaper than a doctors visit!

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This is part of a bigger course called Foundations of Energy Medicine with lots of bonus items!


Everyone wants to feel more alive. Yet most people are simultaneously afraid of feeling the full “charge” of their aliveness. Taught to contain their charge through common child-raising practices, well-meaning school systems, and culture in general, the raging statistics on depression and anxiety suggest that too many people feel shut down and lethargic, out of touch with their life force, while others are plagued with the stress of having too much charge, whether in the workplace or in their own body.

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