The Diet Dilemma

Eating right in the modern world

We live in a world that is loaded with all kinds of information on a multitude of different diets: vegan, raw food, animal meat, high protein, high fat, low fat, low carbohydrate, how do you make sense of it all? In this class learn what 30 years of Integrative Holistic Physician’s are saying is the best diet to have based on the medical research that will help you develop a simple food plan. Learn about the things lurking in your grocery store that you don’t want to bring home. Learn How to leverage your nutrition with super foods. Learn how to choose nutrient dense foods and eat your way to healing and optimal health? Let’s discuss GMO’s, gluten, probiotics and more!

You may be surprised by what shows up on your plate!

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This is part of a bigger course called Foundations of Energy Medicine with lots of bonus items!