With all the pops of the champagne corks, 2018 is out the gate and off to a running start.

While the daily news tells us everything is unraveling to new levels of low, we need people more than ever who can wake up, step up, and take charge as change agents in the world.

As Michelle Obama said in her convention speech last year, “When they go low, we go high.”

But how do we get “high?” (and no, I don’t mean recreational drugs).

We have to lift each other up with inspirational vision.

We need to form community, and carry on the most important conversations of our time:

How do we combat climate change? 

How do we preserve our democracy? 

How do we stay healthy? 

How do we make a difference? 

No doubt, you have set your goals and resolutions for 2018.

But studies show that few people stick to their goals after the first few weeks of the new year.

What makes the difference?

First of all, you need hope that your goal is possible.

Most of us, as soon as we set off in a new direction, discover all the factors that are counter to that goal.

Those factors may be external, such as limits of time and money, they may be internal, such as fear and doubt.

If you don’t have a technique for handling those obstacles, you get mired down in resistance that eventually kills your dream.

It also helps to have support—someone to witness your stated goal and help keep you on track.

12-step programs know that having a sponsor helps in those tough moments when you want to give up or go against your intention. Find a friend or two that is excited about what you are up to and wants to keep you accountable.

You can even return the favor. 

It also helps to hold your goals in a larger context. They are not just your personal dreams—the world itself is longing for your contribution.

The stakes are bigger than just your ego. They are found in the possibility that your dream creates: the possibility of bringing people healing, awakening, new solutions to problems, or simply more comfort in their lives.

So as you think about the year ahead, what is being called forth from you?

Where can you clarify your life’s purpose and its immediate journey in the coming year? What are you trying to manifest, but even more important, Why? To stay focused on the larger meaning of your purpose helps to keep you on track and puts the wind in your sails.

The wind is Divine Will. You don’t have control over which way it is blowing. Your purpose is like the mast on a sailboat. It remains strong and resolute. The sail is what you have control over – you can tack back and forth to get to any goal, regardless of how the wind is blowing, or use an engine if the wind is quiet that day. We harness Divine will by using our individual will.

Then we can manifest anything we want.

Brightest Blessings for 2018,
Anodea Judith

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