Online Courses

Anodea’s workshops are world renowned for dynamic, participatory experience. She also offers online audio and video courses that bring her teachings into the comfort of your home, saving you the cost of travel and lodging. This page lists her live online offerings and self-paced, pre-recorded courses.

Anodeas’ classes are enormously healing for my heart. Not only interesting and thought provoking, but you actually remember what you have learned a in meaningful way. Always a positive shift for the better. Indescribable – something you experience on many levels. -Nancy Lawless


This course offers a complete guide to understanding, working with and developing your connection to your chakra system.  The chakras help us to focus on goals clearly and, by learning to recognize the patterns of our world, we can reach a place of clarity and deep wisdom.

Chakra Healing Bundle

This bundle offers a wide pallet for your personal & professional transformation. With practices you can use the rest of your life, this valuable resource helps you navigate your way to better health, expanded awareness, & joy.

Supercharge Your Chakras

Are you ready to harness your life force and feel every cell in your body awaken and rejoice? Are you ready to clear out old patterns and issues that block your full potential and be more centered, healthy and whole? Are you excited at the prospect of bringing your body, emotions, relationships and creativity into true alignment with your soul essence?

Chakra Therapy Online

This unique telecourse features Anodea Judith’s signature Chakra Therapy, where you will spend one module exploring and integrating each chakra. You will learn exercises and meditations for your own practice and gain many incredible skills that will enrich your life in many ways! Suitable for therapists, yoga teachers, body workers, and those on their own healing journey.

Manifestation Through the Chakras

How You Can Overcome the Obstacles to Creating a Better Life and World — with Ease.

We all have dreams for our lives and for a better world. Making those dreams really happen, however, can be a big challenge. World-renowned chakra expert Anodea Judith is here to help you change that. She offers you a clear, easy and exciting roadmap — and a step-by-step plan to clear the obstacles and catapult you into the world of co-creating with Spirit and with others in your life.

Tools for Conscious Evolution

Home Learning Course with evolutionary enlightenment teachings from the woman who put chakras on the modern map and is calling us all to the heart. Tools for Conscious Evolution is an information rich package that spans personal practices to global evolution and will help us change the world together.

Seven Levels of Intimacy

With the Seven Levels Of Intimacy process, you’ll gain lifelong tools for working with your relationships using through the lens of the chakra system and you will be able to release blocks and old patterns that may arise along the way. If you feel the inner call to design your relationship at the deepest level, then renowned spiritual teacher and chakra expert, Anodea Judith and master healer and coach, Ramone Yaciuk will show you how.

Discover How to Release Your Inner Barriers

You have dreams for a better life and world. Making those dreams really happen, however, is easier said than done.Lack of time, money and skills often seem to get in the way. But deep down, you probably know that these are really just excuses.

Creating on Purpose

This 7-module course will guide you step-by-step, chakra-by-chakra, through a process for clarifying your intention, clearing out blocks, & bringing your dreams into reality. BONUS: A paperback copy of the book, Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith & Lion Goodman will be mailed out to you.

Sponsored Virtual Trainings

Healthy Chakra Tune-Up

Dr. Jacqueline Susanna Chan, D.O., M.I.M

Essential Advice from the Chakra Doctor: A 7-module virtual course with Dr. Jacqueline Chan, addressing the health needs of your chakra’s from a holistic physician’s perspective on diet, detoxification, hormones, digestion, endocrine organs, cognitive care, and more.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Steven Kessler, Author

6-module training course with Steven Kessler. A Easy Guide to Understanding your Character Structure and Moving from Pattern to Presence. Learn in depth how to identify, understand, & work with these patterns in yourself, your relationships, & your clients.

Optimal Health for your Body & Soul

Dr. Jacqueline Susanna Chan, D.O., M.I.M

We are so excited to invite The Chakra Doctor, Jacqueline Susanna Chan, D.O., M.I.M. to Anodea Judith’s Sacred Centers, where she treats us to a Foundations in Energy Medicine Course with 4 webinars dealing with Energy Medicine, Breast Health, The Diet Dilemma, and Staying Healthy, plus some bonus items too! SALE!!!


Everyone wants to feel more alive. Yet most people are simultaneously afraid of feeling the full “charge” of their aliveness. Taught to contain their charge through common child-raising practices, well-meaning school systems, and culture in general, the raging statistics on depression and anxiety suggest that too many people feel shut down and lethargic, out of touch with their life force, while others are plagued with the stress of having too much charge, whether in the workplace or in their own body.

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