The Prophecies Will Come When Shadow Mates with Sun

16 Aug The Prophecies Will Come When Shadow Mates with Sun

We do not become enlightened by seeking after figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Jung

I’m sure you all know there is a full solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st that will travel across the whole USA from west to east, starting in Oregon and ending in South Carolina.

This is a very rare occurrence and a special opportunity for transformation.

An eclipse is when the feminine moon passes in front of the masculine sun — if only for a brief moment. In the marriage between shadow and sun (that produces the famous diamond ring effect!) a new light can be born.

The masculine has provided so many things for all of us—things we take for granted such as roads and buildings, computers and airplanes, cell phones and automobiles. Not that women don’t work on these things too, but they have largely been created by men.

For all these things, we can be thankful. But we have enough of them now, and we need to turn our attention to their cost.

The masculine empire that forged societies from our earliest civilizations to today has reached its zenith. It has accomplished what it set out to do—and we are now seeing its shadow all across America.

Whether it’s white supremacy, groping women by the pussy, destroying the environment, or giving more money to the wealthy, the shadow must be seen by all and acknowledged and transformed in order to writhe our way back to wholeness.

It is time for a new, more visible platform for the feminine and a new partnership, not only between men and women, but also between the feminine and masculine contribution of values. In short, it is time for balance.

Whether you are lucky enough to be in the path of totality, or you are far away from it, the eclipse effects will be felt. There will be 90% totality in Washington DC, and certain aspects of the eclipse strongly impact Donald Trump’s astrological chart.

Spend some time between 9:00 a.m. where the eclipse begins in Oregon Pacific time and 3:00 p.m., where it ends in South Carolina Eastern time to open wide this window of transformation.

Stop what you are doing and go outside and take 3 minutes of silence at some point in the day when the eclipse is traversing your time zone. Look at your own shadow and transform it into a new light.

We are birthing a new way of being and the contractions are getting closer every day. Let this eclipse be a rebirth for all of us and for the world. Let your vision awaken in the darkness, and then make it happen!

Anodea Judith

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