september, 2018

28sepalldayinner space + energetic fulfilmentwith Anodea Judith + John StirkTriYoga Camden, 57 Jamestown Rd., London NW1 7DB - ENGLAND


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This workshop will demonstrate the remarkable relationship between physical space and energetic flow.

Space and Energy are an inseparable part of the same organic whole. In order to realize the energy within us, we first open spaciousness in the body. When we invite physical space to open, energy courses through us and influences all aspects of our existence.

Join yoga teacher and former osteopath John Stirk and subtle energy expert, Anodea Judith, in a remarkable one-day workshop where you will learn:

• How body cavities and joint articulations are active reservoirs of energy.
• How Bio Mechanical intelligence promotes energetic distribution.
• How the breath is related to both space and energy
• How to use the gravity and solidity of the earth plane (including walls) to move energy through the body.
• How to direct that energy into the various chakras through breath and postures.

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All Day (Friday)


TriYoga Camden

57 Jamestown Rd., London NW1 7DB - ENGLAND


TriYoga +44 20 7483 3344

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