Anodea’s workshops are world renowned for dynamic, participatory experience. She also offers online audio and video courses that bring her teachings into the comfort of your home, saving you the cost of travel and lodging. This page lists her live online offerings and self-paced, pre-recorded courses.

7 Steps To Manifesting Your True Purpose

Anodea Judith is offering a FREE CALL and VISUAL PRESENTATION. Call previously recorded.

Supercharge your Chakra Practice

Ready For a Powerful New Approach to Your Chakra Practice That Enables More Body-Mind Integration, Wholeness and Balance of Your Energies? Discover How to Harness Your Life Force to Remove the Blocks to Your Full Potential and Go to the Next Level of Self-expression, Power, Intuition and More.


Everyone wants to feel more alive. Yet most people are simultaneously afraid of feeling the full “charge” of their aliveness. Taught to contain their charge through common child-raising practices, well-meaning school systems, and culture in general, the raging statistics on depression and anxiety suggest that too many people feel shut down and lethargic, out of touch with their life force, while others are plagued with the stress of having too much charge, whether in the workplace or in their own body.

Start Diagnosing Your Chakras

Everyone talks about “opening their chakras” as if it were that simple. But chakras contain defense patterns lodged deeply in the nervous system, body armor, beliefs, and behaviors.

Freeing your Energy Body from Early Family Conditioning

Using the Five Character Types to Liberate Your Authentic Self

Discover how to transcend and transform your past hurts, limiting beliefs, protective habits, and defensive behaviors from childhood…

Experience the freedom, vitality, intimacy, and inner peace that until now has been beyond your reach.


Tune in to this FREE call as chakra expert, Anodea Judith joins forces with Ramone Yaciuk to share ways of Boosting your chakras, and growing your love! You know you have energy centers that influence your health and well-being. You know you have relationships with others, and that they also have chakras. But do you know what happens when you put them together?

The Illuminated Chakras

Because you joined our Sacred Centers Co-Heart Community, we’d like to thank you and extend this special, one-time offer just for you: Our award-winning Illuminated Chakras DVD for FREE!

The Global Heart Awakens

Anodea Judith addresses the very issue that is now coming into focus as the key to a sustainable and humane future. All the strategies in existence cannot take us to the shores of a better world if they lack the element of informed love.

Love Powered Evolutionary

In this exciting free call event, Anodea will share HOW we can rewire our bodies, lives, and our world with the paradigm of the heart at the core. It’s the new foundation for relationships. Work. Play. Art. Social Organization. Politics. And more.

Manifesting a Dream

Do you have a dream for your life – something that would make your heart feel truly fulfilled – that you have never been able to realize? Are you tired of simplistic and gimmicky approaches to manifestation that tell you all you have to do is visualize something and it will come into being?

Chakra Evening Meditation

In the evening, before you enter the realm of sleep, assure yourself of the most rejuvenating and peaceful rest by spending a few minutes tuning in to your chakras, and reviewing what they’ve been doing all day!

7 Keys to Transformation

Join Anodea Judith and gain mindfulness as she journeys you through the CHAKRAs. Experience HEALING in each CHAKRA.

What is chakra therapy?

Everyone seems to know about chakras these days – at least as a concept – but do they really know the ins and outs of activating, balancing, and healing using the model of the Chakra System as the profound formula for wholeness that it is?

Sponsored Virtual Trainings

Chakras and the Path of Healing

Dr. Jacqueline Susanna Chan, D.O., M.I.M

Join chakra pioneer Anodea Judith, and the Chakra Doctor, Jacqueline Susanna Chan, D.O., M.I.M. in this lively discussion between two healers who love the chakra system. Each will discuss their unique approaches to healing, how they discovered the chakras, and how they bring the two together.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Steven Kessler, Author

From astrology to the Enneagram, people have always looked for ways to understand who they are on a deeper level of meaning. But how many of these ways truly map onto your body structure and reveal your unconscious defense mechanisms?