Apocalyptic Times

11 Oct Apocalyptic Times

It is with a heavy heart that I write today, as the toll keeps mounting on the constant tragedies of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires. My own home in northern California is OK, but all around me the fires are burning, people are running for their lives, neighborhoods are reduced to ash, and the hillsides and forests are blackened. It is surreal.

30 years ago I had a horrific vision of the future. I saw a great cleansing from fires and floods. I remember how desperately I wanted the vision to stop, how I didn’t want to believe it, how I was literally staggering under its impact. Later, I tried to rationalize it as a bad dream, but it never left me completely.

Now I see it was real.

This is the Underworld initiation I talk about in the THE GLOBAL HEART AWAKENS. It is the breakdown that precedes breakthrough. It is difficult to watch or endure, but not difficult to understand.

The painful contractions of the birth process are now coming closer together. We must be nearing the time of birth, the time of awakening. Indeed, with every contraction – politically, economically, socially, and environmentally – a few more people wake up.

Creation and destruction always happen simultaneously, and clearly both are happening more quickly these days. The way we have been living is unsustainable. We cannot go forward without a radical restructuring. Puerto Rico, Houston, and California are ripe for solar energy grids, rebuilding neighborhoods with a better eye for beauty, community, and transportation efficiency.

In the face of tragedy, people are coming together, helping each other out, discovering the value of cooperation, love, and compassion.

We MUST use these tragedies as a launching pad for creating a new vision, not for going back to the way things have always been. And we MUST make the understanding of impending climate disaster front and center or face far worse in the future.

The degree of disaster can only be mitigated by our awakening. The sooner we move toward a positive vision, the less we need disaster to compel us forward. Hold fast to your vision, your prayers, your community and your love. That is the only way we will prevail.


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