02 Feb Clear Manifestation Blocks Once And For All!

“You can create anything, but you can’t create everything.”  —Anodea Judith

We have so many options today that it can be overwhelming.

Opportunities abound: Which video to watch? Which book to read? Which workshop to attend?

And most important, Which of my many dreams do I focus on next?

If you’re like me, you want to do everything. But you can’t do it all at once. You have to choose.

Most people think that choosing one thing means you are letting go of everything else. But that’s only true in the short term. In fact, choosing one thing and getting it done frees up your energy for the next thing and hones your powers of manifestation.

But how do you choose?

Our dreams occur in many areas: work, home, creativity, travel, money, relationships, and more.

Your life purpose is like an umbrella that knits all these dreams together. It is a plan for your destiny. When you’re clear on that, you have a template for sorting out everything else. Fulfillment of one dream, such as relationship, health, or money, will serve your other dreams as well. But you have to start with planning.

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Watch the video below for more information about the upcoming course:


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